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Henna Belly Blessing

You do so much for everyone else… let’s do something for you!

A Belly Henna Blessing is the perfect way to slow down, put your feet up, listen to some calm music and tune into your babe(s) wriggling happily inside, as cool henna paste is draped over your growing belly in beautiful designs.

Specializing in floral designs, I love when clients also add in matching hand or foot upgrades for some extra special TLC!

“Thank you Amanda for an amazing experience! I was feeling the pains and emotional rollercoaster that third trimester brings, and decided to book an appointment for Belly Henna. Amanda has such a calm vibe, and I felt totally relaxed and comfortable as we chatted about pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I was so in love with the design and photos afterward!! This was the perfect way to honour my pregnancy and Amanda made me feel so special! I absolutely recommend getting Belly Henna done by Amanda, you wont regret it!” -K

Including Belly Henna in your (or someone you love’s) Mother’s Blessing or Baby Shower is such a special addition to mark this incredible journey! Depending on the size of group, you can even add on a small design for each guests hand. A photo of your belly henna, surrounded by all those who love you with their hands adorned is nothing short of memorable and Instagram worthy!

”Do it for the ‘gram!”

You can find some of my previous client designs on my Instagram feed and highlights! Check it out:

”Do you take requests?” + “I found this photo, can you make this?”….

I never copy others work, and always go with the flow when it comes to each persons design, but if you have elements you’d love to incorporate, I would be happy to make that happen!

I also offer & love to do Fertility Henna, Postpartum Henna, 3 Trimesters Package Henna, Loss and Bereavement Henna*, and so much more!

Ready to reserve some time to honour your journey? Let’s connect today!

-Amanda Fitzsimons

Woodland Birth & Wellness

*I offer Loss & Bereavement Henna at no cost to those who have lost or will lose their sweet babe. It is a small gift from one mama to another. Please message for more information.

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