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Are You Due In '22?


Hey babe! Are You Due In '22 Or Planning To Conceive Soon?

Are you feeling lost, trying to navigate policies and restrictions?

Are you worried you won't be able to have the Birth Team of your choosing?

I want you know that you have options still! No matter how far along you are!



Midwives, Birthkeepers, Doulas, Home Births, and Free Births are not just for the "hippie" type! More and more people have found themselves wanting to take a big step back from the usual birth story and start writing theirs the way they want!

If your IDEAL birth looks like inviting your sister, your Birthkeeper, your Midwife and your mama into your home while you relax between waves in the comfort of your own space while munching watermelon... YOU CAN!

If your IDEAL birth looks like just you and your partner labouring in your own bubble -your little ones fast asleep or watching paw patrol-, with your Birthkeeper/Birth Photographer supporting and documenting your trasnformation as you bring your baby earthside in your livingroom.... YOU CAN!


"You will remember your baby's birth for the rest of your life. It will be etched into your entire being and can have major effects in how your life looks from that point on. Wouldn't it be amazing to not have to heal from birth trauma along with normal postpartum healing?"

3 Tips To Make Birthing In 2022 Less Stressful

1. You Are The Parent- Sometimes we have to remind ourselves and everyone else that this is your pregnancy, birth and baby! You and your partner are the parents and care takers to this sweet little babe, and no one else is best suited to be sure all decisions are made with you and babes best interest at heart! This might be the time to do a little Power Return Ritual to call back your power you may have given away. Power Return Rituals are a great way to empower yourself as the powerful wise women you truly are!
2. Invest In A Birthkeeper- Investing in educated, experienced, wise women support is so important! Where you decide to birth, if you decide to birth with a midwife or freebirth without, if its a party with your mama, sister and bestfriend or an intimate affair with the bare minimum, your Birthkeeper will be your constant- from the point of hire until you are settled, all nestled into your cozy postpartum. We were meant to birth with our family and ancestors... to grow up seeing mothers, aunties and sisters birth children. Being raised, immersed in what is natural and biological and magical! Unfortunately people, (women especially) have not been apart of birth for a long time, and that innate knowledge is buried deep. But you have the power to access it!
3. Get Educated! Get Clear!- Knowledge is power, and you my dear are meant for great power! Birth Trauma is so common over the last few generations. Women carrying their birth story(ies) for their entire lives, traumatized, made small, and taught to be untrusting and feel betrayed by their bodies. One of the very first steps to taking back your power and growing it is to get educated! Look to your Birthkeeper for topics you should research such as, circumcision, shoulder dystocia, gestational diabetis, 3rd stage of birth, etc.
4. Intuition- Opening up to your core self- your highest self- means awakening and nurturing parts of you that have been laying dormant or not functioning at their full potential. Intuition is a major one most don't even recognize, let alone check in with regularly. Your intuition is your "gut instinct" its that nagging feeling when something isn't right... yes that one. The one you have been actively ignoring so often. Our hearts and our heads often take the lead... thinking and feeling our way through life. Those both have mjor roles! But how can we function at our best if we are only opperating on two thirds of our potential? Not sure how to access your intuition or nurture and grow it? Follow along on my socials and keep your eye out for an up coming post all about Intution!


You get the right to decide where you birth. Whether that's in your home, a Birth Suite, Your parents home, or your best friends apartment.

You get to decide who is invited into your birth space, as a part of your birth team. You decide if you want a Midwife to support you as you birth your baby. You decide if you want a Birthkeeper to hold your hand and space. It's your choice if you want your mom or your children there. Or a Photographer. If you don't want a bunch of medical staff coming and going, shift changes and on call doctors... IT'S YOUR CHOICE!


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"Your Body. Your Birth. Your Choice."

If you want to discuss what your Dream Birth looks like and how to start putting it all together, let's connect and we can chat!

You've got this babe!


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