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There are many different labor and birth positions that can be utilized throughout your birth. Let's look at the Double Hip Squeeze!

I got the call just after supper from my super excited clients, that labor had begun! Shortly after I got a call back that her waters had broken and contractions were picking up quickly. I joined them right away, held space, comforted and supported them as they moved intuitively together. She utilized upright positions, movement and lots of counter pressure! Her partner was amazing support thanx to their deep and caring connection (plus some wicked childbirth education classes by me!) and they welcomed a sweet little girl into the world that night!

It's impossible to talk about touch as a comfort measure without mentioning counter pressure. There are all sorts of areas a birth team member can apply pressure and not only provide relief but it can also help a baby move down! Different areas, when applied pressure, can help baby into the inlet of the pelvis, or through the outlet of the pelvis. Different areas on the hips, the sitz bones and thighs all provide comfort during labor. During labor the double hip squeeze is often the ultimate in counter pressure for relief in lower back pain. Not only has the hormone Relaxin made everything stretch around your pelvic area, your baby is also adding weight. When counter pressure is applied to the hips to where all the stretching and pressure the uterus and ligaments are feeling many laboring people feel deep release and satisfaction.

How do you want your birth FEEL? How do you want your partner to show up for you? You can't expect them to know how to be there for you, without education, guidance and support for them as well.

The best way to learn all about the different ways to be supported by your Birth Team, is to attend a Childbirth Ed class. Private led classes are the best when it comes to evidence based information! You can often find these classes available in small groups or private in your own home. Hands on learning, teaching you to support or be supported during this intense, spiritual, life changing, transformative life event is a necessity for an empowering and educated birth!

"It was her guidance and support that made hiring Amanda one of the best decisions when it came to our pregnancy, birth and postpartum!"

My schedule for Birth clients (doula and photography) is full for April, July & August…. So if you are due this spring or this coming fall, and would like Birth Story Photography, Doula Support, Childbirth Education or a combo, let’s chat and see if your due date is available!

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