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Henna Creatrix

Henna is a beautiful art medium that is applied to the skin as art, that dates back as far as 3000 BCE, and has been found independently in many cultures, particularly in desert climates. Henna has been used in many different ways, from traditional bridal and wedding henna, fun parties and tents at the fair, to eyebrows and faux freckles! 

I fell in love with Henna after receiving a beautiful belly blessing at my own Mother's Blessing from a fellow doula and friend. I just knew this was something I wanted to learn and offer to my clients!

Ever since then I have been adorning sweet bellies full of growing and squirming babes, and even the feet or hands of Mother's Blessing/Baby Shower guests!

Now for the actual henna application. My custom designs are hand drawn, applied and resemble the way you would decorate a cake! The henna paste dries on the skin and will often begin to crumble and flake off on its own. After a few hours (4-12), the dried henna is rubbed off and leaves behind a beautiful stain. Henna naturally stains orange/red at first and the color darkens over the following 24-48 hours as the stain oxidizes on the skin. Henna stains remain on the skin and fade over the course of 7-14 days, and it's longevity will depend on aftercare!

Henna Creatrix

Welcome dear friend! I am so glad you are looking into doing something so special for yourself!

I have been creating henna on clients since 2020!

Wondering what sessions I offer?

I will join you alone for a private session, with a friend or two for a small group, or even as a part or leader of your Mother's Blessing!



Belly Blessing

Belly Henna is my specialty. A sacred ceremony, where I adorn full bellies with cooling and aromatic henna paste, as we talk about pregnancy, birth, motherhood and the journey ahead! 

Gentle music will play as baby kicks, squirms and rolls, while I weave a beautiful design.

It's about more then just the creation on your belly though; it's about showing you how important you are, how deserving you are - to take the time to put up your feet and do something special just for you!

Did you know you can add this on to a Maternity Photography Session with me? Let's capture this magical moment!

It's time to do this for you!

Image by Raspopova Marina

Henna Offerings

There are so many different reasons to choose Henna for yourself, here are my offerings:

  • Conception Journey Henna - the perfect addition to your fertility package! Wishes, hopes and dreams flow with my henna paste as I adorn your belly, as you call in your baby.

  • Memory & Loss Henna - Forever Mine, is a special way to share a matching special design with your sweet babe, born sleeping. Rainbow Baby, is first trimester henna during those cautious first few weeks that reminds you to love, connect and treasure you time with this baby.

  • 4th Trimester Closure Henna - time to heal, time to rest, and time to find your path back through the labyrinth. Slowly, one step in front of the other, you will make your way back into the world, a new version of you. Allow yourself to honor your journey here, to this moment, and all the moments to come.

  • Devine Feminine Henna - Boudoir photos coming up? Schedule a session with me a few days before! Imagine having a sexy floral henna piece on your hip, or a seductive sternum piece that 'peek-a-boos' in all the best shots? You pick the placement, and I'll bring the henna!

You are worth it!

Image by Raspopova Marina
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