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About A Birthkeeper...


I love seeing so many of you lovelies follow my page! I think now would be a great time to do a mini re-introduction!

For those who are new, I am a Full Spectrum Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Womb•Yoni Steam Facilitator and Herbalist. I love supporting women through the different seasons of their lives. From Cycle Education and Fertility Guidance to Loss, Birth and Postpartum support, Reiki and Energy Work, and so much more!

"A little witchy and a little hippie" -Amanda

I am having so much fun blending different herbal blends for Yoni steams, teas, bath salts, and oils! Definitely a creative outlet for me, while learning all about herbs & botanicals. You can purchase Womb Steaming supplies HERE.

Seeing women in their ultimate power as they bring their babies into the world is an honour I still can't believe I have the privilege to witness. Holding mother's as they heal and rest in their postpartum is so important.

A little witchy and a little hippie... I am Red Deer, AB born and raised, love to spend time outside, in the mountains or playing in the water. I love to be creative, making arts and crafts. I am a mother of four wild ones, two teens and two little ones!

Most importantly, birth work is heart work. My whole heart is lovingly spread throughout all of my offerings, services and products.

-Amanda xo

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